Applicants - FAQ

Applicants - FAQ

Applicants - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an ILP and a BSc(Med) Hons for 2008 onwards cohort students?

The ILP is 30 Units of Credit (UoC); the BSc (Med) Hons is 48 UoC. Therefore undertaking a BSc (Med) Hons normally adds a semester to the time for which you will be enrolled – your combined MBBS and BSc (Med) Hons will be 6.5 years in length. The work involved in an Honours project is substantially more than an ILP and the expected outcomes are more advanced. In addition, there will be additional HECS fees. The Honours program is reserved for students who have excelled in their studies over years 1-3, demonstrated by a minimum average of at least 70 for Phase 1 Medicine courses (excluding end of Phase 1 exams and portfolio).

The BSc (Med) Hons is designed for an enrolment over one full academic year whereas the ILP is the equivalent of 24 weeks full time (or 30 weeks when undertaken concurrently with 12 UoC general education courses). Students cannot enrol in any other courses while enrolled in the BSc (Med) Hons Program.

What are the requirements for consideration to the BSc(Med) Hons program?

Students need to have:

  • completed at least 3 years of BMed MD degree requirements before the commencement of the BSc(Med)Hons
  • obtained a top mark, calculated by taking a straight mean of Phase 1 Medicine subjects only (excluding Portfolio, Clinical Skills, Written (MCQ and Practicals) Examinations)
  • pass all of End of Phase 1 examinations (including Phase 1 portfolio) and Phase 2 Integrated Clinical Examination on first attempt
  • acceptance by a supervisor
  • approval by the Honours Committee to undertake the proposed topic with the proposed supervisor

If I make the minimum academic requirement, will I automatically be approved for the BSc(Med) Hons?

30 students with a top Phase 1 mark are invited them to undertake the BSc(Med) Honours.

How do I apply?

ILP coordinator will select the top 30 students based on the Phase 1 WAM and invite them to undertake the BSc(Med) Honours. Students have 2-week to accept the offer if they decline the next student on the list will be invited.

How will applications be assessed?

Students must first pass the academic requirement. After that, the proposals will be assessed based on the potential of the projects to:

  • enable students to acquire an appreciation of the value of observation and research in the development of medical science
  • enable students to determine the ‘current state of knowledge’ in a defined field
  • provide experience in the written and spoken presentation of scientific information and scholarly research, and
  • provide an invaluable background in basic research philosophy and techniques on which a subsequent career in specialised medical research may be built.

Applications that do not explain/demonstrate how a student will be able to achieve the above aims will be rejected.

Can I take on a project from another university/country?

NO - Projects must be undertaken at UNSW and/or its affiliated centres/institutes.

What topics are available?
The topics available can change very quickly due to the nature of research. The best thing to do is to refer to the list of topics and supervisors and contact potential supervisors to discuss possible research projects.

When should I start BSc(Med) Hons project?

All BSc(Med)Hon students must start in T1 of each academic year (in student's 4th year). Students who are not able to start in TP1 of that year may need to transfer to ILP.

Can I take on other courses (i.e. extra courses to fulfil my general education requirement) while in the BSc(Med) Hons program?

NO - Enrolment in the BSc(Med)Hons program excludes all other enrolments.

Can I complete the MBBS and BSc(Med) Hons programs within six years?

The combined MB BS/ BSc (Med) Hons program is designed to take a minimum of six and a half years to complete. The extra six months allows for completion of the 12 units of general education courses. The Faculty discourages students from overloading in earlier years to complete the general education courses prior to commencing the BSc (Med) Hons Program. Students will need to apply to the Faculty for approval to take more than the standard load (usually 24 Units of Credit).

It is possible to complete the combined MB BS/ BSc (Med) Hons six years provided that you complete the extra courses outside MB BS program requirement prior to commencing the Honours program. Students who wish to discuss their options are strongly recommend to contact the ILP administrator.

Can I upgrade from a negotiated ILP to the BSc(Med) Hons?

NO - An upgrade from an ILP to Honours may not be logistically feasible. Any BSc(Med)Hons project requires a fair amount of time and resources to be put in place before the project can go ahead and hence resources may not be available in time for an upgrade.

If I am successful, what is expected of me?

Students will be assessed formally during the two oral presentations and submissions of a literature review and a thesis. Students must physically be present for the two oral presentations. They will also be informally assessed on the following:

  • Adherence to schedules – e.g. lab work, essay, seminars, thesis
  • Ability to learn and improve, e.g. in experimental work, writing and surveying literature
  • Ability to understand and communicate ideas and respond appropriately to instruction
  • Ability to think logically and critically, and to plan effectively
  • Ability in laboratory or experimental procedures and in writing
  • Degree of initiative, motivation and perseverance in experimental work and writing
  • Degree of independence in work and in writing
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