Sean Kennedy

It is a great pleasure to welcome you at the beginning of your medical studies or back from an enjoyable break. As a UNSW Medicine student, you are part of a community of professionals, doctors, teachers, researchers, mentors and learners.

The Medicine program is student-centred, dynamic, intellectually challenging and diverse in order to respond to your needs and the needs of modern medicine and health practice. It promotes the value of experience, reflection and personal growth. Our explicit aim is to graduate lifelong learners of medicine with a high degree of professionalism. The content and experiences have been designed to challenge you and allow you to graduate with a set of capabilities that will form the foundation for a professional career of medical care and learning. UNSW Medicine promotes a learning culture, which is inclusive and non-judgemental, where respect and support of our fellow students, teachers and administrative staff is highly valued. All students are expected to demonstrate a high degree of professionalism.

All courses in the program are interdisciplinary: biomedical sciences are integrated with one another and with the social and psychological sciences, and with clinical medicine. The scientific basis of medicine and clinical experience go hand in hand throughout all years of the program. There are also opportunities for in-depth research experiences. Our Medicine program emphasises collaborative learning and teamwork, communication skills and preventative medicine supported by state-of-the-art information technology. The Medicine program is constantly being evaluated and feedback from our students is an essential part of this process.

Throughout the Medicine program, we will support you and challenge you; your learning will be both exciting and demanding. The program allows you flexibility in choice of courses and assessments, but also requires you to take significant responsibility for your learning. It is your responsibility to be kept informed of the program requirements and UNSW Medicine policies. This Program Guide is updated annually to inform you of any changes, so it is essential that you check the Guide at the beginning of every year.

Welcome to our learning community.

Dr Sean Kennedy
Program  Authority, UNSW Medicine

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