Exams - Phase 2

Assessment at the end of Phase 2 will consist of a Portfolio examination and an Integrated Clinical Examination.

Your level of achievement in the Phase 2 clinical courses will be assessed in the Integrated Clinical Examination (ICE) which has two components. Both components have to be passed. Students are required to pass the examination overall, as well as pass both components of the examination i.e. the clinical skills component and the written component.

Students are advised to be familiar with the Graduate Capabilities for the end of Phase 2, as well as the course guides for each course.

The clinical skills examination component will consist of multiple stations at which you will be required to demonstrate competency in clinical and communication skills, and procedural skills. More details on this examination are provided in the Clinical Skills guide for Phase 2.

You will also need to demonstrate knowledge in the basic and social sciences in the written examination. Further details on the written examination, including examples of questions, are available on Moodle.

The ICE will be held following completion of Phase 2.

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