UNSW Medicine Clinical Mentoring Scheme (CMS)

The UNSW Medicine Clinical Mentoring Scheme (CMS) is an important initiative to assist medical students in Years 3 through 6 develop their clinical and professional skills, and confidence as they progress through the Medicine program in preparation for their internship and future independent practice. Mentors are experienced clinicians who share their professional knowledge, skills and experiences with mentees, thereby enhancing students’ learning and development, career confidence and employability.

The CMS aims to connect current students in their clinical years (Years 3 to 6) with a broad range of clinicians. Each mentee establishes a range of goals that they work to achieve with the support and advice of their mentor. The aim is for students to develop valuable insights into the world of medical practice in hospital and other settings, focus on their personal and professional development, as well as to reflect on their course progression and employability skills.

Phase 2 and 3 students can join the program and invite one of the Scheme’s clinicians to be their mentor by going to the CMS website at https://mentoring.unsw.edu.au/p/p8/about

More information is available on this website by clicking on Help Resources and Articles.

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