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Exchange to Oslo in Phase 3

Exchange to Oslo in Phase 3

For Women's & Children's Health
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Exchange to Oslo will commence in 2024

Applications are now closed

Applications will reopen in February 2024 to Year 4 students who will be in Year 5 in 2025.


Students who are in Year 5 now, can undertake overseas placements as part of the course MFAC3514 Elective Term.

About Exchange to Oslo in Phase 3

During Year 5 in TP3 & TP4, there is an opportunity to undertake Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatric rotations on exchange to the University of Oslo, Norway.

Exchange to Oslo cannot be taken at any other term or year of study.

The University of Oslo is a leading Scandinavian University and has developed a program in order to anglicise their teaching program and hence will be conducted in English. There is no requirement for expertise in Norwegian language.

Oslo Program

Links to the University of Oslo

Students will be enrolled into Module 6, MED5600, the 9th semester in the Autumn semester: 12/08/24 - 20/12/24

The above link gives information on:

  • Course content
  • Learning outcome
  • Teaching, including attendance requirements
  • Examination
  • Grading scale

Further Information


All costs for the exchange program are borne by the Student including but not limited to: accomodation/housing, airfares, Visas, vaccinations, MRSA Screening, etc

UNSW Exchange Fees are approximately $200

Selection & Application

Applications are now closed.




  • Students who will be in Year 5 in the term they are applying for.
  • Open to Domestic and International students enrolled in Bachelor of Medicine.


  • Students will be invited to submit an application to be short-listed for an interview.

  • Four (4) students will be chosen to be interviewed to ensure suitability to participate in the exchange program (only four available places). 
  • Successful interviewees will be recommended to UNSW International Exchange.

Criteria used by Faculty committee for recommendation for selection:

  • Academic merit – students require a minimum of a credit average in their academic record to date, and must not have failed more than one course (including General Education) in the Medicine Program to date.  

  • Statement of purpose - Students are to submit aims for the proposed exchange to Oslo (maximum 350 words).


International students are eligible for the exchange, but are ineligible for either a scholarship or bursary from UNSW’s International Exchange Program.

Notes for the successful applicant

  • The MFAC3514 Elective Term may be split into a four-week block in TP3 of Year 5 before the Oslo Exchange begins in August and the remaining four weeks may be completed after the Oslo Exchange ends in December.

  • The Biomedical Sciences Viva will be undertaken at the end of TP1 in Year 6.

  • Applications fees may be charged by UNSW International for processing the exchange.

  • All costs for the exchange program are borne by the Student including but not limited to: accomodation/housing, airfares, Visas, vaccinations, MRSA Screening, etc

  • Students are required to complete the assessments and exams as per the University of Oslo's requirements. See more details on the Oslo Program tab.

Student Experiences

Samantha Bobba in 2014

"Exchange is one of those experiences in life that pushes you to see the world from a different perspective.  It gives you the opportunity to travel to places you never thought you would see, to meet people from all different backgrounds, to better understand a culture and way of life that isn’t your own and appreciate your own place in this very big world of ours. Whilst on exchange in Norway I hiked beautiful fjords, dogsled at the Northern Lights, road-tripped Iceland and cruised to Russia. I ate reindeer for the very first time, learnt to say ‘tak’ instead of thank you and backpacked Eastern Europe in my weeks off. Most of all, I made treasured friendships and met some incredible people, who in their own way, each changed the way I viewed the world.  From my experience, the words of Henry Miller rang true, ‘one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things’. "

Patrick Hosie in 2014

"The Oslo exchange was an exceptional experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone even remotely considering the possibility. It is the only opportunity for exchange in Medicine and is a terrific way to explore the world, make new friends from across Europe (and the globe!) and experience medical teaching in a whole new environment. Most importantly though, it is a great way to gain perspective on your studies and to achieve a really nice work-life balance. 

Further, the travel possibilities are incredible! You get to explore Europe and visit beautiful areas you are otherwise unlikely to go! I really cannot speak more highly of the experience and urge people to approach the exchange experience with a very open mind. You won't regret it."

image - Student Experiences

Louise Koller-Smith in 2014

"I wasn’t sure what to expect of six months away from everything I knew undertaking exchange in Oslo (a place I had known nothing about before I found out about this program!). My time studying overseas was, however, one of the most worthwhile experiences I can imagine. I made an amazing group of friends from all over the world, and simply by spending time with each other we learnt so much about life in other countries.

There was ample opportunity to travel throughout Scandinavia and beyond, and being in Norway really encouraged travel to places a bit “off the beaten track”, which has now inspired me to visit a lot of other less well-established destinations. From hiking in the fjords to road tripping around Iceland to dog sledding beneath the Northern Lights, it really was unforgettable.

Exchange was entirely different to being a tourist in another country, it was everyday life-the good and the bad. Study in another country has its challenges, and it was a lot more theory based than our studies at home, but it was also good to review anatomy and histopathology to European standards. Overall I would unreservedly recommend exchange, living as a student in another country an experience you are unlikely to ever have the chance of again."

Lorraine Cheung in 2013

"It is one thing to travel to a country, and another to work there, but to study on exchange is quite different altogether. The exchange to Oslo is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and meet students from all corners of the world. In addition, it is enlightening to observe the medical education and healthcare system in a different country. The paediatric and obstetrics & gynaecology program reviews basic sciences, anatomy, histopathology as well as furthering clinical skills, with small-group and lecture-style teaching from consultants and senior specialists.   

Norway is a country like no other, combining breathtaking scenery, Scandinavian aesthetics, variable hours of sunlight, a lot of snow, and of course the stunning Northern Lights. The experience and growth, both medically and personally, gained on exchange is like no other, and not to mention the chance to squeeze in weekend trips to Denmark, Finland and Sweden! Personally, there were so many memories created on exchange, including a very unforgettable souvenir: a ruptured ACL whilst skiing in Norway! But truly, most of all, it was the relationships formed, and the times shared with students from all different backgrounds that made it unforgettable. "
image - Student Experiences
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