About eMed

eMed is a suite of web-based systems (see below), run by the faculty, that supports learning and teaching in the Medicine program. While Moodle is not an eMed system, it complements the information in eMed: Map. Moodle is run by Learning and Teaching @ UNSW.


Support: For assistance or further information please call one of the support numbers listed below or complete our Enquiry Form.


eMed Systems Function Support
Map Holds information about all teaching and assessment activities. (02) 9065 1177
Timetable Holds information about the times and locations of teaching activities and your clinical assignment. (02) 9065 7110
Portfolio Resource for submission and storage of assignments, projects, evidence of achievement and portfolios. bmed.pm@unsw.edu.au
Feedback The system used to capture self and peer feedback from students for participation in project groups. bmed.pm@unsw.edu.au
Results Publishes submission assessment results and exam results. Official course results can be found at myUNSW. bmed.pm@unsw.edu.au
Registrations Register preference requests for assignments, group projects and ILP preferences. bmed.pm@unsw.edu.au
Placements Register preference requests for clinical service placements. mh.wil@unsw.edu.au


Complementary System Function Support
Moodle The learning management system used to host the content of course activities outlined in the Map including course guides and activity handouts. (02) 9065 1177


See also: Interface and Navigation Features

Browser Recommendations

The eMed systems are best accessed with Firefox 3+ or Internet Explorer 7+ on PC, and Firefox 3+ or Safari 4+ on the Mac. For optimum use of eMed, however, it is recommended that users follow the guidelines for TELT Browser support

Logging In and zPass

The URL of eMed is: http://emed.med.unsw.edu.au/

You must log in to eMed using your UNSW User ID which is your University student number preceded by a lower case “z” and your zPass. You then have a choice of systems to enter. If you are having trouble with access, you may call one of the eMed Support lines (above).

zPass is the main password for online services at UNSW. In conjunction with your UNSW User ID, it provides a way of electronically verifying your identity. Without a zPass you will not be able to access any online services. Your zPass is like your ATM PIN number, so you should keep it secure at all times. If you lose or forget your zPass, or you suspect that someone has gained unauthorised access to your zPass, you can change your zPass online or contact the UNSW IT Service Centre (for further information see http://www.it.unsw.edu.au/students/username/index.html)

Please note that the unauthorised use of someone else’s personal account is in breach of the policy on Acceptable Use of UNSW Information and Communication Technology Resources. All students agreed to these rules when activating their university account.

Logging Out

Whenever you log in to eMed or any other online system (eg,Moodle, MyUNSW, email, library systems) with your student number and zPass (ie, personal account) you are responsible for logging out when you finish using the system or leave the computer unattended (this applies to shared and personal computers). To log out of eMed you must click the “Log Out” button on the top right of the screen. Using your ID card to swipe-off a computer does not log you out of a system. The ONLY way to safeguard against someone else using the system in your name is to LOG OUT of the system.

University Email Accounts

It is necessary to have an active email account in order for you to receive periodic communications regarding Timetable information and to receive confirmations of Portfolio submissions from eMed. Your University email address is used for this purpose. You can arrange to have email messages that are sent to your official University account forwarded to another account on the IT Services for Students webpage at: https://www.myit.unsw.edu.au/services/students 

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