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NSW Health Requirements

NSW Health Requirements


Requirements for NSW Health Compliance

NSW Health requires that all medical students placed in any of its facilities are fully compliant with its requirements.  This applies to students undertaking clinical placements or students who require access to its facilities, which includes all UNSW Medicine teaching hospitals.

UNSW Medicine is required to enter information about all medical students into ClinConnect, a NSW Health database for managing clinical training placements in public hospitals. Information reported to ClinConnect includes student name, student number, student e-mail address, gender and date of birth.

Prior to the first clinical training session in Year 1, students will need to provide certain documentation to NSW Health staff at an on-campus checking session.  If not fully compliant with their requirements, students will be given instructions on what to do before commencing clinical training.  UNSW Medicine cannot overrule the decision of health staff and clinical training will be delayed until compliance is reached.

Students must note that clinical placements are a substantial and essential element in the UNSW Medicine program. Students who fail to satisfy the requirements of NSW Health at any point during their enrolment in the program may be excluded from undertaking a clinical placement. This will delay progress in the program and may ultimately lead to exclusion from the program.

All students studying Medicine at UNSW must be compliant throughout the duration of their studies.

> Please refer to the Documentation, Checking Days and FAQs tabs for further information.

If you have any questions about NSW Health Compliance, please refer to the FAQ section before contacting us.



Compliance documentation

Where possible, students are advised to prepare the documentation needed for NSW Health compliance several months before the start of their studies. In addition to the below, you can also find further details on the NSW Health South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Student Compliance website.

Download Compliance Document Checklist

All students will need to present the following documentation:



Checking Days

NSW Health Compliance Checking Day

Throughout the year, UNSW Medicine organises NSW Health Compliance Checking Days which take place on UNSW Kensington Campus. Students attend these Checking Days to have their documents verified by NSW Health staff.

NSW Health Compliance Checking Days at UNSW Medicine in 2020

All our on-campus compliance checking days for this year have been cancelled. Documentation can be verified electonically. Please contact us for details.


Follow-up assessments

All students must attend one of the above mentioned NSW Health Compliance Checking Days at UNSW Medicine for their first/initial assessment. Students who are required to provide NSW Health with further/additional documents, can do so by e-mailing documentation directly to NSW Health (you can find instructions on how to e-mail your documents here)


Information for first year students

All 1st year students must attend the February NSW Compliance Checking Day and have their documents verified.

NSW Health staff will be able to give students one of the following verification statuses:

  • Verified
    The student presented all necessary documentation and is fully compliant.
  • Temporarily verified
    The student presented most documentation and has received a 6-month temporary verification. The student must provide further documentation before the temporary verification expires.
  •  Not verified
    The student did not present sufficient documentation for verification.

Where students are not verified or only temporarily verified, NSW Health staff will advise the student on what is needed to reach full verification.



Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please have a look at these frequently asked questions. You may also find answers in the NSW Health FAQ section.

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