NSW Health Requirements

NSW Health Requirements


Student Requirements for NSW Health Compliance

Clinical placements are a substantial and essential element in the UNSW Medicine program, and students must be compliant at all times for the entire duration of their studies.


All UNSW Medicine & Health students undertaking clinical placements at NSW Health facilities must be compliant as outlined by the NSW Health Compliance Requirements here


UNSW Medicine & Health staff can only enter student profile information into ClinConnect the NSW Health database used for managing all clinical training placements at public hospitals in NSW. 


All students are required to email their compliance documentation directly to the NSW Health email SESLHD-StudentCompliance@health.nsw.gov.au for checking, verification and updating in ClinConnect.


When a student meets the compliance requirements, they are recorded as either 'Compliant' or 'Temporary Compliant' in the ClinConnect system. NSW Health will directly advise students of any documentation they may still need to provide to become Compliant.


UNSW Medicine & Health cannot overrule any decisions made by NSW Health regarding a students compliance. Any clinical training will be delayed if there is an issue with a students compliance until the student is deemed 'Compliant' by NSW Health.


Students who fail to satisfy the requirements of NSW Health at any point during their enrolment in the program will be excluded from undertaking a clinical placement. This will delay progress in the program and may ultimately lead to exclusion from the program.

Please refer to the Documentation, Submission and FAQs tabs for further information.

If you have further question after referring to all information and links on this page, you can email mh.bmedwil@unsw.edu.au 



Compliance Documentation

Compliance documentation required by NSW Health can take some time to obtain especially for overseas students. For this reason students are advised of the documentation required at the time of acceptance into the Medicine Program to allow for the collection of this information prior to the commencement of studies.

Most domestic students would be on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) where they can find their immunisation information Here

International Students studying in Australia are encouraged to apply for a Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) Get IHI which will enable access to their own Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Get AIR. By obtaining an AIR, any future vaccinations obtained in Australia can be easily recorded by the GP onto the AIR which students can access for their immunisation information.

Police Checks are available through Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited bodies (online) Here


COVID Vaccination

Students who test positive for COVID after dose 1, can have a temporary contraindication if they submit evidence on the Medical Contraindication form. ClinConnect will change anyone who has a Temporary Contraindication to 'Not Compliant' upon Contraindication expiry.


INFLUENZA Vaccination

The Influenza season in Australia officially commences each year on the 1st June until the 30th September (unless the government makes a decision to extend the end date).

Students attending clinical placements are required to have the Southern Hemisphere Influenza vaccination before 1 June each year.

The Influenza is a yearly vaccination, released to GP's, Pharmacies and Health around the 1st week of March each year (students should receive the Influenza vaccination from mid March to mid May each year). If a student has the vaccination before 1st March, they have been given last year's vaccine which will not be accepted.

Every student must have the current Influenza vaccine each year, and cannot use the previous years influenza vaccination dates.

NSW Health organises pop up flu clinics from mid March at their Public Hospitals for staff (of which Medical Students can also attend) instead of visiting the GP. Please ensure if you receive your Influenza vaccination at a pop up clinic you ask for a receipt of your vaccination as you will need to send this documentation to NSW Health for verification and updating in Clinconnect. The Flu pop up clinics do not enter this information into Clinconnect so it is important you ask for this evidence.

Alternatively, UNSW Sydney has a Medical Centre on Campus where students are able to receive vaccinations. Book an appointment Here

UNSW Medicine & Health strives to keep the compliance information aligned with NSW Health requirements, however students must always refer to the current requirements published at the NSW Government HETI website.

Please refer to Submission tab above, on how to submit your compliance documentation to NSW Health.


Updated 6 September 2023



NSW Health Compliance Checking 

Prior to your first Hospital Session you will need to have either a 'Compliant' or 'Temporary Compliant' status within ClinConnect to be able to attend.

All Students are required to email their compliance documentation directly to NSW Health email SESLHD-StudentCompliance@health.nsw.gov.au for checking, verification and updating in ClinConnect.

Please use your University ID email address when emailing NSW Health Official Email

All documentation is to be attached into one email, stating your Full Name, Student ID, Date of Birth and Name of University (UNSW Sydney) when sending compliance documentation to NSW Health.

To become Compliant means to have received email notification from NSW Health indicating that your status is now either 'Compliant' or 'Temporary Compliant'. You are NOT deemed 'Compliant' if you have submitted your documentation to NSW Health and waiting for confirmation.

Information on Submitting Compliance Documents to NSW Health

  1. If you are sending through follow up evidence (excluding flu or COVID vaccination updates) you must include your outcomes receipt that was emailed to you at your FIRST compliance assessment (This only applies to 1st Year students).
  2. NSW Health cannot open cloud links or HEIC files - all documents attached should be preferably a PDF or JPG (if unable to PDF).
  3. Overseas COVID-19 vaccination certificates will be accepted by NSW Health as long as the documentation is in English.
  4. Temporary Contraindications for recent COVID infections - only the following will be accepted as evidence:

Positive PCR result that has identifiers (ie. full name and date of birth) present in the evidence - NSW Health will not accept a screenshot of a text message that does not have identifiers on it. Students will need to contact the lab that undertook the test or get a Doctor to write a letter confirming the result with the required identifiers (as stated above) and the date of the positive test.

NSW Health Letter (Medical Clearance Notice) that is issued when you register a positive Rapid Antigen Test or PCR through the Service NSW App (this is often a link within a text message that is received from NSW Health)

  1. All Immunisation statements from AIR or COVID digital certificates MUST have the IHI number redacted/blacked out (any certificates received with IHI not redacted will not be processed). See this YouTube video from CCLHD on how to do this Here

NSW Health will issue students with one of the following three statuses in ClinConnect after assessing the emailed documentation:

Compliant - All required documentation has been presented.
Temporary Compliant - Documentation still pending for Hep B vaccintions OR, TB assessments which needs to be provided prior to the temporary verification expiry date. Students can attend hospital placements with this status.
Not Compliant - All of the required documentation has NOT been presented for verification. NSW Health will directly inform students on documentation still required. Students cannot attend hospital placements with this status.


Updated 6 September 2023




Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please have a look at the answers to these frequently asked questions (FAQs) NSW Health FAQs provided by NSW Health. Each section contains lots of useful information to assist you in your journey to becoming compliant.

UNSW Medicine & Health Administrative Staff are unable to assist with vaccination information as we are not qualified GP's and do not know each students personal medical background. Advice regarding vaccinations should be discussed with your GP.

UNSW Sydney has a Medical Centre on Campus that students can make an appointment to see a GP UNSW Health Service.

Please note UNSW Medicine & Health Administrative Staff are unable to verify students compliance documentation. This can only be done by NSW Health.

You can read more about student information and privacy on the HETI website.


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