The BSc (Med) Hons program is a one-year (34 weeks) supervised research program leading to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Science (Medicine) Honours. Students undertake the program in Year 4.

The course aims to:

  • enable students to acquire an appreciation of the value of observation and research in the development of medical science 
  • enable students to determine the ‘current state of knowledge’ in a defined field 
  • provide experience in the written and spoken presentation of scientific information and scholarly research, and 
  • provide an invaluable background in basic research philosophy and techniques on which a subsequent career in specialised medical research may be built.



There will be some changes in 2021 Honours selection process. The change details will be available soon.

  • 2020 Honours selection has been modified. The top 30 students based on their Phase 1 course marks will be invited to participate in the program. If a few of these students decline the offer, then students next in line will be invited until all 30 students are identified.

  • Average Phase 1 Medicine only courses excluding the following:
  1. MFAC1501 Foundations
  2. MFAC1511 Phase 1 Portfolio Examination
  3. MFAC1512 Phase 1 End-of-Phase Written Examination
  4. MFAC1513 Phase 1 Clinical and Communications Skills Examination
  • Students can only do Honours if they pass MFAC1501 Foundations, Phase 1 examination and Portfolio and Phase 2 ICE (including online examination) on the first attempt.
  • Students who were accepted into an Honours program but subsequently fail any of the above mentioned examination, will be withdrawn from the Honours program and be allocated to an ILP project.

General Education Requirement

Enrolment in the BSc(Med)Hons program excludes all other enrolments.

The combined BMed MD and BSc(Med) Honours program is designed to take a minimum of six and a half years to complete. The extra six months allows for completion of the 12 units of general education courses. The Faculty discourages students from overloading in earlier years to complete the general education courses prior to commencing the BSc(Med) Hons Program. Students will need to apply to the Faculty for approval to take more than the standard load (usually 24 Units of Credit).

It is possible to complete the combined BMed MD and BSc(Med) Honours program in six years provided that you complete the extra courses outside BMed MD program requirement prior to commencing the Honours program. Students who wish to discuss their options are strongly recommended to contact the ILP administrator.

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